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Angel energy

Have you found yourself seeing the same numbers over and over again? Angel numbers are recurring sequences of numbers that have spiritual significance.

Angels speak to us in synchronistic ways, one of these ways are through numbers. Each number is connected to a certain vibrational energy or frequency.

Seeing a repeating number means your angels see and hear you. They are trying to get your attention, each number you see has a meaning. You are always being guided!

The Candle

The ultimate fusion of affirmation and luxury home fragrance. This candle has been hand blended and poured in the UK, made with 100% natural wax. Specifically formulated to uplift your mood and raise vibrations.

The scent - Wild Violet & Black Amber 

The perfect duo. Realign with the sweet scent of Wild Violet, known to relax, balance and soothe emotions. Expertly blended with Black Amber, its warm calming tones will create a sense of calm in your home allowing you to reconnect to your truest most beautiful self.

The Crystal

Infused with clear quartz, we have hand selected each crystal. 

One of the most versatile stones. Known as the master healer.

Clear Quartz regulates and amplifies energies.


  • Restores balance

  • Helps connect to your inner self

  • Amplifies energies

  • Harmonises chakras

Crystal care: We recommend you remove the crystal before lighting. Alternatively, you can light your candle & remove the crystal once the wax has softened. By removing the crystal, you protect it from the flame and also ensure your candle burns well. 

Customer Reviews

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Emma Togher
Special candle

I didn’t have an intention of buying this candle I was looking for something else and for some reason it spoke to me and for good reason. It’s so calming to my space even if not meditating, just lighting in the background. It smells DIVINE. Shipping was so quick and everything arrived perfect.

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