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candle care

Hand blended in the UK using luxury fragrance oils and 100% natural wax our candles have been designed to provide you with hours of exquisite fragrance. Follow our tips to ensure the best burn for your candle. 

The first burn is always the most important! The better you burn your candle the longer you can maintain a luxury scent and maximum burn time.

your candle

candle care

The Wax

While your candle is lit, let the wax melt all the way across to the edges. This is super important for the first burn. We encourage you to do this every time you burn your candle as you won't waste any wax.

The Wick

Trim the wick of your candle half a cm after each burn. This is super important as it will help your candle burn evenly and also reduce any black smoke/ marks from getting on the glass. Always let the candle cool to room temperature before trimming.

Burn Time

Don't burn for longer than 4 hours a time.

The Crystal

If your candle comes with a crystal we recommend you remove the crystal before lighting the candle. Alternatively, you can light the candle and once the wax has softened slightly you can remove the crystal. This will avoid the crystal from getting damaged by the flame & ensure you candle has the perfect burn.

Re use me

Reuse your candle jar. Your beautiful candle jar can be re used as a decorative statement in your home!