The Self Love lab was created by Zehra during covid. A time where collectively, looking after our wellbeing was essential. She found herself looking at alternative ways to look after her mind and body. A big part of that was the wonderful world of crystal healing and sound therapy.

She created this platform to share the magic she had been discovering. Since then, she has built a space you can truly elevate your self love practice. Her events and workshops run monthly in and around london, gaining popularity quickly she has hosted events for some major UK brands as well as being featured in major publications such as British Vogue, Tatler and Vanity Fair.

Community, Healing, Connection and relaxation is what she has encapsulated with the self love lab. A space you can re aign, reconnect and re balance your energy through the power of sound and crystal healing.

our intention

The Self Love Lab is growing and evolving constantly, Zehra's aim is to continue to educate people on the mind, body and spirit approach to self love. Love is the highest frequency. When we practice self love we raise our vibration which allows us to become a magnet to all of our desires. Self love isn't just important.. It's ESSENTIAL.

All products and services have been created with the intention of raising vibrations, re aligning and balancing the mind and body. Each can help you reconnect, inspire and add a touch of magic to your home. 


created with you in mind

The Self Love Lab is here to inspire and bring you products and services that hold a special place within you forever.

Thank you for each and every order you place and for being a part of this wonderful self love community.