Sound Healing with the self love lab

heal from within

Sound healing encapsulates the power of sound vibration. The frequency of sound nourishes the mind and body allowing us to heal from within.

Sound baths are a way of tuning deeper into the subconscious mind. It allows us to unlock any habits or negative thoughts patterns that need to be released and cleansed.

Alternatively, it can be used as the start of a new thought, habit or life direction you want to take. We can use the session as a tool for growth and development or for pure relaxation.

heal from within

benifits of sound

Life can be busy and hectic, if its relaxation you're looking for, sound healing is known to:

Reduced stress
Provide anxiety Relief
Promote a good nights sleep
Release emotional blockages
Increase your mood
Improve your focus
Provide mental clarity
Increases vital energy flow, creativity, intuition and motivation


Hosted in an intimate setting, our group sessions are the perfect place to come with friends, family or alone to experiance the power sound healing and truly raise vibrations.

We have a number of magical events each month from painting and sound healing to a sound and yoga fusion.

Click the link below to explore our upcoming events and workshops.


what we offer

1-1 sessions

Each sound bath is tailored for you and your needs. We bespoke each session to your healing journey ensuring that we play to enhance the energy work you need.

Please email us at info@theselflovelab.co.uk for bookings and questions. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

private bookings

If you would prefer to experience a sound bath in a private setting, with friends and family, clients, or at work. We are available to come to the venue of your choice.

Please email us with the location and event details for a quote - info@theselflovelab.co.uk

the specifics

what to expect

One hour of pure relaxation, our sessions will consist of Intention setting, gong healing, crystal bowl healing and chimes.

Intention setting & visualisation
Intention setting will set the foundation for your session. It will allow you to release what no longer serves you and welcome new vibration energy through the power of sound.

Gong healing
Immerse yourself into a deep meditative state with the vibration healing of the gong. Used the ground, the sound of a gong promotes deep relaxation allowing your mind to let go.

Crystal bowl healing
After the Gong is used to ground, crystal bowls are played to uplift and surround the body in divine vibration energy.

*Please note, sessions can be tailored to your needs so please use the above as a guide.



WONDERFUL THINGS STUDIO: Unit 11, 4 Hoy Street Commercial, London E16 1ZA

For private sessions, 1-1s or corporate events please email info@theselflovelab.co.uk and we'll get back to you within 24hrs