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It's time to show your skin the self love it deserves with these beautiful gua shas.  

Tell me more..

A Gua Sha is a facial massage tool that will level up your beauty routine. A natural healing technique commonly referred to in classical chinese medicine as a way of encouraging the skin to heal itself. 

Benefits include:

- Improving skin elasticity 

- Releasing tension and relaxing facial muscles 

- Increases blood flow 

- Stimulates the lymphatic system 

- Contour and define the face 

- Reduce dark under eye circles 

- Soothe inflammation and redness  

How to use..

1. Always cleanse your face thoroughly before use. 

2. Apply moisturiser, serum or facial oil to prep the skin. 

3. Using a gentle pressure, sweep the face outward and upward. (Each Gua sha comes with a how to guide with a diagram to explain all the details)

4. Keep your tool almost flat to the skin.

5. Avoid using over acne or open wounds.

How it heals

Gua Sha use is a self love practice used on the skin to redirect energy flow and breakdown stagnant energy. Rose quartz and jade are used to aid with balancing and comforting the skin allowing you to heal from within.

Our Gua shas are made from powerful healing stones which are commonly known to soothe and calm. Connected to the heart, it vibrates on the frequency of love and compassion.

Healthy skin = happy skin.

Customer Reviews

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Emma Togher
Skin care I never knew I needed

I had seen people use these and talk about them but I never thought much of them, but since I’ve been taking more time for myself and really wanting to grow my self love this has really helped. I’ve always been good with skin care but I’ll rush through it while doing 15 other things. Since getting my gua sha it’s gotten me to sit down and relax with myself for 10-15 mins in tbe evening which has done wonders for my brain, and that’s just the inner work it’s done. My skin has never felt better, less puffy in the morning and my face feels so relaxed going to bed. Like a little massage before bed

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